Author's project. Digital art.
A story about a small plane, friendship and adventure. 

The project is looking for a publisher.


I came up with a little story about a real Tiger plane and drew a series of illustrations for it for a contest, and I won the flight! 



Striped meeting

It was a wonderful summer day, the girls, holding hands, went for a walk. Meadow flowers and grasses nodded affably, colorful dragonflies and butterflies fluttered around, and the sunlight gently warmed everything around.
Veta said dreamily, lying in the grass.
- What if the adventures won't find us? We walk the same paths, close our eyes when it's scary, run away from the wind when it's cold, and even sew panama hats from the sun - Musha worried.
- We'll find them ourselves! Veta said confidently. Adventures for that and adventures, they are not hiding, but waiting for us somewhere very close.
And pulled her friend to a new field.
- Look!!
And then they saw an unusual plane in the sky - yellow-yellow with black stripes. Both wings and tail are all painted with a sunny color.
- How beautiful and bright it is! - the girls admired.
And they began to wave their palms at him and send air hearts..


The yellow plane landed smoothly on the clearing. In the sunlight, he seemed even brighter and more elegant.
- We must definitely get to know him!
- And if he is angry and dangerous? Or is he in a bad mood today?Maybe we won't go? Musha was worried.
The plane smiled affably.
- Hello! My name is Tigra - the plane spoke first.
I live at a small airfield, and I rest on this field. Most of all I love flying. I am very glad to see you!
And they began to chat about everything in the world. About how to check the time by the sun, which winds are the warmest, where the most beautiful clouds live and when the best sunsets happen.
- Can you fly? Tigger suddenly asked.


- Nooo! - the kids answered in chorus. People can't fly.
- Then you can fly with me. You like adventures, don't you? Tigger winked.
It was an unforgettable flight!

The sky seemed huge and apricot, golden clouds played catch-up, ran, overtook and winked. The lost tailwind hummed fervent songs.
The children were having fun and laughing, and the bright yellow plane with black stripes was smiling happily.
They met every weekend, and the girls had a real friend.


Title: Little plane named Tiger.

Author, illustrator: Elizaveta Melentyeva.


Hardcover: 32 pages

Age Range: 5+ years

Language: English, Russian.

Product Dimensions: 20 x 1.3 x 20 cm

Digital Art.


I printed postcards with these pictures and gave them to the pilot, and he gave them to his daughter.


This is the cover with Russian lettering. A similar cover in English is possible.