Author's project. Picturebook. Digital art.

Annotation: One day, Alex the Moose got such a bad backache that he stopped drawing.To return to the business he loves, Alex completely changes his life.

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Title: How moose Alex treated his back.

Author, illustrator: Elizaveta Melentyeva.


Hardcover: 32 pages

Age Range: 5+ years

Language: English, Russian.

Product Dimensions: 20 x 1.3 x 20 cm

Digital Art.



This is Alex. He likes to draw and be alone.

One day Alex got so carried away with drawing that he didn't notice when night came, and his back ached.

In the morning, he decided that he just needed to move around and went to the dance. But after dancing, his back continued to hurt.

Yoga! - Alex thought. Yoga will definitely help. After all, they say it helps from everything.

Alex barely straightened up after yoga. His back never hurt like that. Alex really missed drawing. And he decided to go to the doctor.

The doctor examined him and prescribed medicine, healing ointments, and also said that he would have to give injections and try to adhere to bed rest.

Alex was sad, but obediently followed all the recommendations. And his back continued to hurt a lot. 

Then he went to another doctor for a new treatment. 

Now Alex tried to take therapeutic mud and salt baths and lie on mats with needles.

He took a course of therapeutic and relaxing massage.

And even he went to a psychologist to talk about "internal loads".

It became easier for a while. But as soon as he gave up everything, stayed up for a long time, the pain returned.

Alex went to the doctor again. The doctor said that only constant movement and self-care can help him.

Alex frowned, but signed up for aquaerobics classes in the pool.

He also started doing gymnastics in the morning, and in the evening - in the gym. During the day, Alex walked a lot, was sad and dreamed that soon it would all be over, and he would have a lot of time to draw again.

And suddenly Alex noticed that his body has become strong, and he already likes walking and physical education. He had friends and new ideas for drawing. And the pain receded.

And Alex decided that if he didn't get sick, there would be enough time for everything: drawing and physical education.


This is the cover with Russian lettering. A similar cover in English is possible.