Hello everyone,

My name is Elizaveta Melentyeva. I'm a children's illustrator and author. I work with authors and publishers from different parts of the world, as well as with the postcard publishing houses and store.

I can create for you:

✔ children's book illustration

✔ illustrations for fairy tales

✔ cute cartoon characters

✔ greeting cards with your adorable hero and magic place.

I' m sea soul and really like the marine theme. I’d be excited to discuss your project ideas.

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About me

My name is Elizaveta Melentyeva and I'm children's book illustrator and autor with 7+ years of experience. I'm a true sea lover fascinated by stories that can spark a kid's curiosity and love of the sea and inspire exploration. That's why I wrote and illustrated a non-fiction picture book that tells the story of the seas of Russia. «BHV-Peterburg» publishing house printed the book in 2020.


Also, I worked with the publishers such as Artpression (Moscow) and the Gamayun Museum (Yekaterinburg) and made numerous illustrations for licensing: postcards and patterns.


And I can help with the preparation of illustrations for printing. I actively participate in promotion through social media and make up my own stories for children.

​I really love nature and animals, especially the sea and I am very concerned about the topics of ecology, the marine ecosystem and the preservation of habitat for marine creatures: whales and coral reefs. I’m a member of the lighthouse lovers club, which actively defends for the preservation of lighthouses! And I also understand minerals and rocks, I have a collection of minerals and a special geological education.


I am always on the lookout for new interesting projects. Let's talk.